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Download now and start your preparation for IELTS today!     What it offers: A comprehensive overview of the IELTS Speaking and Listening tests Listening and Speaking practice tests  Common grammar rules explained and exercises  Videos of IELTS Speaking interviews  Useful tips for the IELTS test  Assessment criteria explained  Quizzes to test your knowledge of

Advice for Native English Speakers

 Even people whose mother tongue is English need to take IELTS under certain circumstances. These will usually be determined by the government (permanent residence applications, for example), a higher-education institution, or professional association (especially if you are in a healthcare-related field). It important to prepare for the test even if you are a native English

Academic or General – Which Version of the Test Do I Need?

 There are 2 versions of the test. You can take IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training depending on the organization you are applying to and your plans for the future. Whatever your reason for taking IELTS, make the most of your language skills.Please check with your receiving organization or your immigration consultant to make sure you

Did You Know #6: Free ROAD TO IELTS Access

 Did you know that if you register for IELTS with the British Council, you receive FREE access (30 Hours) to Road to IELTS, a preparation course and practice materials to help you with your test? You can also try it free, even before you book your test!  Try it now:     Once you have

Did You Know #5: ID Requirements

 Did you know that you MUST have your original (not a copy), valid (not expired) Passport or Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Card with you on test day?  The ID document you bring on test day must be the same one you used to register Other forms of ID are not accepted. You will not be