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Results are typically available between 3-5 days after the test has been completed.
The speaking test remains face-to-face with a certified IELTS Examiner. Whether test takers take IELTS on paper or computer, they can be confident that they are taking the same trusted English language test.
  • The world’s most popular high-stakes English language test for work, study and migration can now be taken on computer.
  • IELTS on computer will not replace IELTS on paper but rather offer a choice in delivery and more availability.
  • IELTS on computer is secure and capable of delivering the world-leading security, quality assurance measures and operational benefits that IELTS is renowned for.
  • Test content, timing and structure remain the same

You prefer typing to writing.

  • Whether you are more comfortable typing than writing, or you think your handwriting is hard to read, using a computer could be the answer. Plus you can go back and edit your answers easily during the test – as you can with the paper-based option.

You can still plan your answers on paper.

  • 70% of test takers we spoke to said they liked being able to plan the Writing section of their test on paper, and you can still do this with IELTS on computer.

Same standards.

  • It’s the same IELTS test trusted for its fairness and integrity by more than 10,000 organisations all over the world.

Same content. Greater flexibility.

  • It covers the same content, and now you have more dates to choose from and can pick the day of the week that fits best with your schedule.

Same preparation. Easier booking process.

  • You can still prepare with the British Council IELTS apps and online learning materials, and now booking is even easier with our new mobile-friendly registration system.

Same Speaking test. More convenience.

  • The Speaking test is still face-to-face in a private room with a trained and certified Examiner, as it is the most effective way of assessing speaking skills, and now you can select online the day on which you take it.

Same results format. Faster results.

  • Your results are still delivered in the same easy-to-understand Test Report Form, and now you can view them online in 3-5 days and have your Test Report Form sent to you by post.
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November 07AcademicGeneralComputer

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