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ieltsPAPER-BASED (PB) IELTS results are available 13 days after your test.

COMPUTER-DELIVERED (CD) IELTS results are available 3-5 days after your test.

You will be notified by email when they are ready and you can view them online in your account.

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Vancouver test takers can:

1. Pick up your personal copy of  your official Test Report Form (TRF) in person or choose to have it delivered to you by mail or courier service. We will explain these options to you on test day.

2. View your scores online in your IELTS account

3. Send your scores to universities or other institutions.

4. Have your test remarked (Enquiry on Results)

To preview your results (unofficial) online:

1. Go to the IELTS registration website
2. Log in with the email address and password you used to register for the test
3. Choose "Completed" tests
4. Click on the test date and then on the "Results" tab (on mobile choose "Date & Location" then scroll to "Results")

ielts results mobile

Picking up your Test Report Form is the fastest option, and is free.
Pick up is only available on the date results are released date or the next business day. Results not picked up within these 2 days will be mailed.

You may pick up results on the release date only, or the next business day. Results not picked up within 2 business days of the release date will be mailed.

  • Come between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday - Friday
  • Bring your Passport or PR cardthe same ID you used on test day. If you do not have the required ID we cannot give you your results in person.
  • Results not picked up will be sent by regular postal mail to the address you put on your registration form.

You may arrange for another person to pick up your results for you by using the form below.

3rd Party Authorization Form

If you cannot pick up your results, we can send them by regular postal mail (free, no tracking). If you need a faster method with tracking we offer several options.

You may send your results directly to institutions such as colleges, universities or professional associations at the time they are released or anytime during the 2-year validity period.

When you register online you will see the page below with the option to send your results directly to receiving organizations, if you wish.

If you choose to send this way, the organizations will get your results at the same time, or perhaps before, you do.

ielts results

  • Please download the Request for the Issue of Additional TRFs form.
  • Fill out the form with your information and that of the institution you want to send your results to. Please make sure the information is correct or they may not get your results.
  • Sign the form
  • Submit the form to us (email or bring in person)
  • Also send a copy of your test day ID
  • We will check your form and inform you of costs, delivery options, and send you an online payment link
  • Pay any required fees

Some institutions receive results electronically and some do not. Please check with your institution or contact us if you are not sure. 

Postal Delivery (free)
  • Your TRF will be mailed by Canada Post regular mail to the address you provide on your additional TRF request form (be sure it is correct).
  • Regular mail cannot be tracked.
  • It may take 1-2 weeks or more to reach the institution. If the address is incorrect, you must wait for it to come back to us before we can resend. If your results must reach an institution quickly or want to track delivery progress do not choose this method.
Express Delivery (additional fee)
  • Fee depends on destination location (check here for details). Contact us for the exact price for your address.
  • Tracking number provided so you can check location, progress & delivery confirmation online
  • Very fast: 1-4 days almost anywhere

To apply for an EOR you must provide the following within 6 weeks of your test date:

EORs take 2-21 days to process
. We will contact you with the results of the EOR as soon as we get them from IELTS. 

If your scores are changed, you must return your original Test Report Form to us before you will be given your new TRF.

Please note:
  • The EOR decision is final.
  • During the EOR processing period the test results are locked and you cannot request additional TRFs, use them to apply to university, for an immigration process, etc.
  • If the scores are changed after the Enquiry on Results we will issue a new Test Report Form and refund the EOR fee minus an administrative fee of CAD 25.
  • If the score is unchanged, the original Test Report Form will be returned. No refunds are given for unchanged results.

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