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Terms and Conditions are the rules that apply to your relationship with the British Council and Kaplan IELTS Test Centre when you take the test with us.

The IELTS test is a Secure English Language Test (SELT) accepted by governments, colleges, universities and professional organizations around the world. In order to achieve and maintain this level of acceptance it is run strictly according to IELTS rules.

These terms & conditions must be agreed to during registration. By registering for the IELTS test at Kaplan IELTS Test Centre you agree to our Terms and Conditions, as well as the standard global IELTS Terms and Conditions.


The British Council terms & conditions can be reviewed here:

Kaplan IELTS Centre Terms and Conditions 
In addition to the global British Council Terms and Conditions, Kaplan IELTS Test Centre has additional, localized ones that apply to your test. These are also agreed to at the time of registration for the test. If you have any questions, please view our Frequently Asked Questions page or email us before the test at [email protected]
  • I must provide one (1) of the following forms of identification (upload, email, or bring in person where permitted) at registration and on test day:
    • A valid, original Passport or Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Card.
  • No other forms of ID are accepted other than a Refugee document, which must be provided the centre and approved in advance before registering.
  • I will upload or email a new copy of my ID document each time I register for the test.
  • ID documents must be uploaded or emailed within 3 days from the date of application and at least 4 days before the test
  • On test day I must bring the original (no copies) of the ID document with which I registered.
  • If I do not bring the required ID or, if it has expired, I will not be allowed to test and will forfeit all fees.
  • If I get a new ID document between registration and test day, I will provide a copy of the new ID document no later than 4 pm the day before the test. Failure to do will result in not being allowed to test and loss of my test fee.
  • I understand that my passport or PR card will be checked and carefully inspected on test day as part of IELTS ID verification procedures. This may include electronic verification, additional questions and scrutiny of every page. This may take place before, during, or after the test. Your ID document may be collected during the test if further verification steps are required.
  • The test fee should be paid online when possible. Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, debit, or cash. Not all forms of payment may be available at all locations, and some may not process payments at all. If I cannot pay fees online, I can pay over the phone or in person, where available.
  • Fees must be paid within 3 business days from the date of application and at least 4 days before the test. 
  • If I register less than 4 days until the test, payment and ID documents must be provided immediately.
  • My seat is not confirmed until payment and valid ID have been provided.
  • If I pay the fee but do not provide the ID document by the deadline my seat will be cancelled, and money refunded (minus an administrative fee).
  • Express delivery fees are non-refundable.
  • Repeated incomplete bookings are not permitted. If my booking is cancelled due to unpaid fees and/or missing ID documents and I rebook for the same date I will provide payment and ID within 24 hours. If I do not, my booking will be cancelled, and I will not be allowed to rebook for the same date.
Stationery & Belongings
  • I must leave items not permitted in the test room in the cloakroom. I will leave valuable and unnecessary items at home.
  • If I bring a drink, it must be water in a clear container.
  • I cannot take anything into the test room except my ID Document and water as described above. If I am found to have unauthorized materials during the test, results will be cancelled, and I will be ineligible for a refund or transfer.
  • I cannot wear hats or bulky clothing in the test room.
Following Instructions of Staff
  • I understand I must follow the instructions of Kaplan IELTS staff.
  • If I do not follow instructions I understand my results may be delayed or withheld, I may miss important instructions, and may not be given the full amount of time to complete the test.
  • I will not begin writing until told, and will stop writing when told. I accept that anything I write outside of these limits will not be scored. Repeated incidents may result in disqualification.
  • Any misconduct, as specified above, or as described in the IELTS Notice to Candidates, will result in the loss of all fees and cancellation of my results.
Being on Time
  • If I am late on test day, for any part of the test, I may not be allowed to test and will lose my test fee unless I can provide documented evidence of an emergency or accident as specified in the cancellation policy
  • I must be at the test location 30 minutes before my speaking test time. If I am late I may lose my time slot and be moved to the end of the day, another day, or location. A fee for rescheduling may be charged.
  • Kaplan reserves the right to change my selected speaking test day and time. Test takers who do not accept the rescheduled time may be given the option (at the discretion of the IELTS Administrator) to take it another day, time, or location, for an additional fee.
  • Speaking tests will only be rescheduled if results can be processed by the deadline. Availability of examiners, test venue, potential disruption to test schedule or other test takers, and centre operational schedule will be considered.
Washroom Breaks
  • I understand that there are times washroom breaks are allowed and times they are not.
  • I understand the rules regarding washroom breaks: I cannot go the washroom after I have checked in. I will visit the washroom, if necessary, before I check in, and understand I may need to wait for 90 minutes or more for the next washroom break opportunity after I have completed the check in process. o No extra time is allowed for washroom breaks o I cannot visit the washroom while instructions are being given o I cannot visit the washroom during the listening test o I cannot visit the washroom between tests while papers are being collected, counted or handed out. o I cannot visit the washroom in the final 10 minutes of a test and must return to the test room with no less than 5 minutes left.
  • If I have a medical condition that requires frequent washroom visits, I will notify the test centre in advance by email.
  • If am ill on test day, I will notify a member of staff. If I cannot continue my test I will visit a doctor and provide a doctors note if I want a refund or transfer.
Making Complaints
  • If I am unhappy about the way the test has been conducted or there is a technical or other issue that prevents or disrupts completion of the test I will inform a staff member on test day.
  • I will submit the complaint in writing on test day before I leave the test location
  • If I am unable to submit the complaint in writing on test day I will do so via email before results are released.
  • Complaints will not be accepted after results have been released.
  • I may pick up my Test Report Form (TRF) only on the day of results release during the specified hours. Pick up option may not be available at some locations.
  • I am required to provide the same test day ID to pick up my results in person. Results will not be given to anyone without the required ID.
  • If I want to authorize some to pick up my results for me I will follow the instructions on the Kaplan website.
  • I must provide a current, correct, and complete postal address on my registration form. This is where my Test Report Form will be sent by regular mail service if I don’t pick up in person or pay for express delivery.
  • If my address is incorrect or changes I will notify the test centre by email before results are sent out. I understand address changes cannot be made any other way and accept responsibility for delays or additional charges that may result if provide an incorrect or incomplete address.
  • Up to 5 Test Report Forms are free if requested on the registration form or before results are released. After results have been released, additional TRFs are available for a fee.
  • Delivery method of TRFs may be electronic or hard copy. The receiving organization decides how they accept IELTS results. Delivery of hardcopy TRFs will be my choice of regular mail (free, 1-2 weeks or more, no tracking or delivery confirmation) or express delivery (1-5 days globally, online tracking & delivery confirmation), which will be available for an extra cost.
  • Receiving organizations entered on your registration form which are electronic delivery will receive your results on the release date.
  • Request for cancellation or test date transfer must be made in writing via email.
  • If I have a medical or similar related serious reason (as defined on the Refund/Transfer form) why I cannot attend the test I will fill out & submit the Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form along with the appropriate documented evidence.
  • If I postpone or cancel my application more than 14 days before the test date, I will receive a refund minus an administration charge, or be required to pay a transfer fee.
  • If I postpone or cancel within 14 days and more than 5 days before the test date, I will receive a 50% refund of the test fee or be required to pay a transfer fee.
  • If I postpone or cancel within 5 days of the test date, I will be charged the full fee unless I have a medical reason or other serious, unavoidable cause. If I provide appropriate documented evidence within 5 days after the test date, I will receive a refund minus the cancellation fee or be charged a transfer fee.
  • If I am away on test day with no prior notice, I will lose my full fee. If I provide a medical certificate within 5 days after the test date, I will receive a refund minus the cancellation fee or be required to pay a transfer fee.
  • I will check the status, details, test schedule and results in my IELTS account
  • I will receive communication and instructions from the registration system and test centre from the time I register until I receive my results. Most of this will be in the form of email, but some may be via text message or telephone. I will read any emails carefully and follow any instructions I receive.
  • Failure to read or follow instructions could results in the loss of my test fee, additional charges or long delays in getting my results.
  • Emails you can expect are:
    o Acknowledgement of IELTS registration. This will come within minutes of applying for the test.
    o Approval or rejection of ID document
    o Acknowledgement of payment
    o Confirmation of completion of IELTS registration
    o Test Day Instructions (1-2 days before the test)
    o Notification of results release (3-5 days after the test for CD IELTS & 13 days after the test for paper-based IELTS)
  • If I do not see these in my inbox I will check my junk/spam folder. If they are not there I will contact the centre to ensure the email address I provided is correct.
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