Enquiry on Results (EOR)


IELTS Examiners are highly trained and regularly monitored for accuracy and scores are reliable. If, however, you would like your test to be remarked you may ask for an Enquiry on Results. To apply for an EOR you must provide the following within 6 weeks of your test date: If your scores are changed your original Test Report Form must be returned to us before the new one will be issued. EOR results are normally available in 2 – 21 days. We will contact you with the results of the EOR as soon as we get them from IELTS. Please note:
  • The EOR decision is final.
  • During the EOR processing period the test results are locked and you cannot request additional TRFs, use them to apply to university, for an immigration process, etc.
  • If the scores are changed after the Enquiry on Results we will issue a new Test Report Form and a full refund of the EOR fee.
  • No refunds are given for unchanged results.


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