Free IELTS On Computer Familiarization Test!

The IELTS on computer is now available in Canada. Two big advantages computer-delivered IELTS testing brings are:

1)      Faster results: get your scores within 3-5 days
2)      More dates, times, and seats available

On top of these great benefits, the IELTS on computer test allows you to type your answers, rather than handwrite, and allows you to copy & paste and move blocks of text around in a way similar to how you would in Microsoft Word or Outlook. It will also count your words for you and has a built-in highlighter and note-taking tool. There is no spell check though – it is an English test after all.

The speaking test for IELTS on computer is face to face with an examiner, and is the same as the one for an IELTS on paper test. All 4 parts of the IELTS on computer test must be done at an official IELTS test centre, and only listening, reading & writing tests are done on the computer.

Of course, anything new always comes with a certain amount of uncertainty and anxiety. The tried and true method of a paper & pen test has little room for surprises. In order to help make you feel more comfortable with the new IELTS on computer test we have a number of tutorial videos and a free familiarization test available.

Have a look here for the tutorial videos that explain how to use the highlighter, take notes, navigate, and complete the various types of tasks on the IELTS on computer test.

You can also take a free IELTS on computer familiarization test online, anywhere, anytime.

You can choose Academic or General Training for your free practice test.

Experience the IELTS on computer test system before you sit the real test, and know what to expect on the test day.

Go to sign up page (takes you to the British Council website)


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