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Allow Another Person To Pick Up Your Results

Your IELTS test results are confidential and we will not share, send or give them to anyone without a written request from you.

The fastest way for you to get your results in hand – your physical copy of your Test Report Form (TRF) – is to visit us in person when your results are released. We know this is not always possible, and you may wish to have your spouse or sibling or some other person you trust pick up your TRF for you.

You may arrange for another person to pick up your results for you by following the instructions below:

  • Provide us your written authorization (by email) for another person to collect your TRF, including the full name and ID document number (Driver’s Licence, Passport or PR card) of the person you want to pick up your results.
  • The authorized person shows a copy of your test day ID used (Passport or PR card) along with your signed authorization (printed & signed copy of the email from #1 above).
  • The authorized person presents their own original ID document (Driver’s Licence, Passport or PR card) at the test centre on the results release date.
Alternatively, you can complete this form and send it to us.
Also good to know:  If you are 17 years old or less you can pick up your results yourself, or your parent/guardian can also pick them up for you without you having to authorize them – they are automatically allowed – but they must show your test day ID at pick up.
pick up

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