Sending Results to Receiving Organizations

You may wish to send your IELTS results to a Receiving Organization (RO) such as a college, university or professional organization. You can do so anytime as long as your results are still valid (within 2 years of the test date).

In many cases, the RO will want an official result, which means you must ask us to send it directly to them. Your RO will let you know what they require.

Please note we cannot send your results to the Government of Canada. You must provide this to them yourself.

There are 2 ways you can request we send your results to an RO:

When you register:

  • You can add up to 5 ROs on the registration website. These are free, but delivery may not be (see below Electronic vs Postal).
  • These results will be sent automatically to ROs on the results release date.

After results have been released:  

Electronic vs Postal RO

Some ROs receive results electronically and some do not. This is their choice.

If they receive electronic results, then there is no delivery fee and they will get your results almost immediately.

If they do not receive results electronically, then you have a choice of delivery methods:

  1. Regular mail: Free, no online tracking or delivery confirmation and can take several weeks.
  2. Courier delivery: additional cost, online tracking & delivery confirmation, 1-3 days anywhere in the world

For more, see this page


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